‘American Sniper’ and patriotism




(2014 – Director: Clint Eastwood   Cast: Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller)

I was skeptical before seeing American Sniper. I was worried the film would be patriotic propaganda. I was afraid it would be politicized. I was afraid the film would embellish a real life modern hero and wouldn’t feel authentic. But Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper made a simple, stripped down character study that stands as one of the best in the director’s impressive catalog. Read More…

‘Fury’ and the brutality of war




(2014 – Director: David Ayer   Cast: Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman, Shia LaBeouf)

What Fury has going for it is its interesting subject matter and capable directing. Otherwise, its overall message of “war is horrific” seems like a redundant one. Read More…

‘Foxcatcher': An eerie study of family and America




(2014 – Director: Bennett Miller   Cast: Channing Tatum, Steve Carell, Mark Ruffalo)


When you step into the world of Foxcatcher, you step out of time. The film is bookended by a delusional state of patriotism and legacy. We start out with Mark Shultz (Channing Tatum) cashing $20 checks for speaking engagements at school assemblies where he holds up his Olympic gold medal for wrestling and tells uninterested kids what it means to win for America. We end on him getting into a brutal MMA ring (moments after a previous fighter was carted off unconscious) all while chants of “U-S-A” echo in his ears along with the announcer rattling off all his past wrestling accomplishments. What’s in between these two scenes is faded, methodical, and eerie. Timeless, if you will. Mark gets sucked into millionaire John du Pont’s philosophy and vision for America – at least, that’s what’s on the surface.  Read More…

Pod, James Pod Podcast: Episode 0017 – ‘Moonraker’


The Pod, James Pod Podcast goes to space this month as we discuss Moonraker! It’s a film that explores the possibility of repopulating the human race, and a film where space shuttles struggle to dock on space stations. Sounds like yet another Bond film that stole its plot from a Christopher Nolan film (Interstellar).

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