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When a film rises above losing the Best Picture Oscar: Saving Private Ryan

Tom Hanks and others as they appear in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, 1998.

(This is a new series I’m starting that looks at the legacy of the Best Picture nominees from the Academy Awards.  Read More…

Memorial Day Weekend Tri-fecta


This Memorial Day weekend I decided to dedicate it to watching movies that are some of my fan favorites but haven’t seen for a long time. Read More…

Memorable Scenes: 25th Hour


Spike Lee‘s 25th Hour may be my favorite film of his.  Each scene has a raw and emotional style to it that it immediately resonated in my mind.  One of my all-time favorite monologues is at the very end of this film. Read More…

Memorable Scenes: Road to Perdition


I’ve decided to start a new series that takes a look at memorable scenes.  When I think about a movie I haven’t seen for years, what scene comes to mind?  Are there brilliant scenes in mediocre films that redeem the movie?

I’m going to kick it off with one of my favorites.  The gunfight scene in the rising action/climax of Road to Perdition is a mesmerizing, beautiful display of directing.  Read More…


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