League Assignment: Trip to anywhere in pop culture


It’s been awhile since I’ve done a blog top from Cool and Collected’s League of Extraordinary Bloggers, but I couldn’t pass up this week’s topic. We’re assigned to choose a place, time, or world we would visit that exists in pop culture. Although there’s so many to choose from, a strange choice came to my mind first. I know it’s more of a building than a town or world, but what the heck.

Q’s lab at MI6 (1960s)

As a bond fan, how MI6 changes from film to film and from decade to decade continues to surprise me. Although MI6 tries to stay on the cutting edge of technology in every facet, I find the modern MI6 very boring. With everything digital or on screens there’s not much there visually anymore. Or they run out of ideas and develop invisible cars! I prefer to go to MI6 during the 1960s when we first get to really develop the character of Q. Let’s face it, MI6 is pretty boring without Q. Sure we have Moneypenny but the kid in me always wanted to see what Q was cooking up. Bond’s gadgets are what takes Bond films to that extra level of fantasy. I would love to visit Q’s lab and see all the high tech gadgets and gizmos and see people setting off traps accidentally. It all seems so ancient now looking back at what was considered “hi tech” in the 60s. But to me those inventions were so much more creative and challenging.

Everyone there seemed to have a sense of humor since what they were creating I’m sure seemed completely outrageous. I could only assume that everything in the lab was either a weapon or a tracking device and of course, like Bond, I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off. Getting to hang around guys whose job is to turn anything and everything into a badass killing machine? Sign me up.

What’s your favorite Q moment or invention?

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7 responses to “League Assignment: Trip to anywhere in pop culture”

  1. CT says :

    It would be an interesting place to visit, although I feel like there’s a sense of peril for the “common man” in that place. Q seems so down to earth, but to come up with the stuff he comes up with, you have to assume he is a little bit crazy. And MI-6 is the kind of place that would allow a man to die in order to test out the new pen bomb or shoe laser. If your name isn’t James Bond or Major Boothroyd, you may not make it out of that place alive.

    • moviehodgepodge says :

      You’re right CT. Maybe if it had a guided tour such as the incubation lab in Jurassic Park. But I don’t think that would stop me from wanting to play with all the toys, which in turn, would kill me. But screw it, I would still want to go! Looks like you revealed my suicidal side.

  2. Jason Vorhees (@SockOfFleagulls) says :

    Nice choice. That would be a fun place to do some exploring for sure.

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