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‘Man of Steel’ and the impact of its supporting characters




(2013 – Director: Zack Snyder   Cast: Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon)

Once you cut through the troubled emotional core of Man of Steel, you’re left with a triumphant story about acceptance. Read More…

The importance of production value and how ‘Primer’ earned my confidence




(2004 – Director: Shane Carruth Cast: Shane Carruth, David Sullivan)

When I sit down to watch a film, I never anticipate being let down. I want to enjoy the movie no matter what. It’s an investment of my time, usually my money, and my emotions. I think it’s safe to say that most people have the same thought process. No one walks into a theatre saying, “Man, I really hope this movie is horrible.” Even if I fully expect a movie to be god-awful, I still sit down and hope for the best. There’s always that chance that a movie will truly surprise you despite every review you read beforehand. That’s one of the beautiful things about movies. No matter how conglomerated ratings and reviews have become with such things like RottenTomatoes, MetaCritic, and IMDb, movies are still personal and should be experienced differently by every person.

Read More…


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