Pod, James Pod Podcast: Episode 0015 – ‘From Russia with Love’


Carlin and I finally get back to what makes Pod, James Pod so good; talking non-stop about James Bond! This month we cover From Russia with Love and do nothing but talk about the movie. Nothing. No talking about a possible book we’re writing, a future film series, Alabama Dog’s new hobby, or referring to any of our past episodes. We’re looking forward to the future with this episode and nothing else!

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‘Gone Girl’ and its sadistic look at marriage




(2014 – Director: David Fincher   Cast: Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike)

On its surface, Gone Girl is little more than Lifetime TV Movie fluff. It’s a crime story. A whodunnit story. A story that Dateline does every week. In normal hands, at worst, it would have ended up being a very good mystery film. But under the guidance of a master director (David Fincher) and a capable cast, Gone Girl becomes a methodical epic with effective commentary on marriage, image, power, and tabloid media. Read More…

Pod, James Pod Podcast: Episode 0014 – ‘007 Scene It?’


Carlin and I do our first Pod, James Pod in-person recording session as we mend broken feelings over a good ol’ fashioned game of 007 Scene It?. It doesn’t matter who came out on top, all that matters is that the game proves we are Bond experts/not experts.

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Pod, James Pod Podcast: Episode 0013a – ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’


My first solo episode of Pod, James Pod! Carlin, Alabama Dog and I broke up last month so we’re each doing our own episode covering On Her Majesty’s Secret ServiceI head to a construction site in search for a new direction and a new co-host. Enjoy the weirdness.

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