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Due to some blogging slackage here’s a hodgepodge of films that deserve more than what I’m giving them, but all I have time for. Read More…

Pod, James Pod Podcast: Episode 0010 – ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’


We’ve reached quadruple digits in our newest episode where Carlin and I discuss The Man with the Golden Gun on Pod, James Pod. Blu-ray players fail us, I fail doing high level goals, and this episode might fail to live up to your expectations. We talk about Alabama Dog U, Maud Adams reprising her role as a Bond girl, and of course, Sheriff Pepper.

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Pod, James Pod Podcast: Episode 009 – ‘Licence to Kill’


Get your high level goals ready because it’s time for the newest episode of the Pod, James Pod Podcast. This month we wrap up Dalton with Licence to Kill but not before Alabama Dog makes his first appearance on the show, The National Dodgeball League throws in their two cents, Carlin proves he may or may not be a master of the 007 SceneIt game, and Laserdiscs!

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How Spike Jonze made ‘Her’ work




(2013 – Director: Spike Jonze   Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Scarlett Johansson, Amy Adams)

Spike Jonze’s Her is a timely and challenging film that takes a hard look at what technology, but more importantly, human relations, may look like in the near future.

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