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Pod, James Pod Podcast: Episode 005 – ‘You Only Live Twice’


Pod, James Pod Podcast is ringing in the new year with a new episode covering You Only Live Twice. We really get into the nitty-gritty of the film and talk about what it would be like to turn Japanese, and how Gravity stole this movie’s plot, but not before we pick not-so-pretend dodgeball teams made up of Bond characters. Let us know which team you think would win!

You can listen using the player below or on iTunes or Stitcher.

Pod, James Pod Podcast: Episode 003 – ‘Dr. No’


Listen to Pod, James Pod Podcast‘s newest episode. This month we discuss/don’t discuss Dr. No, Tallahassee construction crews, the Poddies, overly large cats, and Carlin breaks down how to keep a chart for the podcast (don’t do it).

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Pod, James Pod Podcast: Episode 002 – ‘Live and Let Die’


It’s October 007th and you know what that means: Episode 002 of Pod, James Pod Podcast drops today.

This month Carlin and I talk about Live and Let Die‘s woes, my lack of “007 Scene It” skills,  a scene fit for an Arnold Swarzenegger film, and Buster Bluth’s claw.

Click below to play, or listen on iTunes or on Stitcher.


Pod, James Pod Podcast


If you’re into James Bond films even in the slightest, I invite you to go check out the new podcast ‘Pod, James Pod’ that I’m co-hosting with fellow blogger Carlin from Nerd Lunch.

It’s random, messy, and you may be questioning why you ever started listening to it. But that’s ok. That’s what Pod, James Pod is there for; to make every other podcast look good.

You can go visit our tumblr page, or listen on iTunes or Stitcher  to our first episode covering GoldenEye. We will be covering a new movie once a month with new episodes dropping on the 007th of every month. You can also listen by clicking the player below. Enjoy!


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