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Guilty Pleasures


This week’s topic on the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is “Guilty Pleasures.” I know that I have quirks when it comes to movies, but nothing I’m really ashamed of. Or  at least,nothing that I wouldn’t openly tell people. I tend to like most styles and genres of movies. So when asking what a guilty pleasure would be for me, I ended up harkening back to my 8 year old self. Read More…

League Assignment: Trip to anywhere in pop culture


It’s been awhile since I’ve done a blog top from Cool and Collected’s League of Extraordinary Bloggers, but I couldn’t pass up this week’s topic. We’re assigned to choose a place, time, or world we would visit that exists in pop culture. Although there’s so many to choose from, a strange choice came to my mind first. I know it’s more of a building than a town or world, but what the heck. Read More…

Kurt Russell: Disney’s greatest child star


This week’s League of Extraordinary Bloggers topic is simply Kurt Russell.  Simple, elegant, beautiful, manly. Much like the man himself. Read More…


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