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Book Review: ‘The Wes Anderson Collection’


‘Wes Anderson Collection’ by Matt Zoller Seitz



The Wes Anderson Collection is one hell of an impressive book. Flipping through its first few pages I thought, “this book was meant for my coffee table.” And I don’t mean that because of its hefty size, but rather the way the book is laid out and how it lends itself to multiple readings. It’s a direct reflection of Wes’ movies in the sense that because it is obsessively rich in detail and full of complexities, it’s hard to fully grasp everything your eyeballs see in one sitting. Read More…

Oscar Predictions 2013


It’s the middle of February and we’re still talking about awards season. Are you tired of hearing about Ben Affleck’s Oscar nomination snub as much as me? Here were my thoughts over a year ago about how moving up the date of the Academy Awards would do a great service to all movie fans. Nevertheless, I’ve written out my thoughts on the upcoming Oscars ceremony this weekend. Read More…

Top Ten Movies of 2012


Due to me being a man of limited means and time, I’ve come up far short of seeing every 2012 movie I wanted to. With that being said, here are my top ten films I saw in the year 2012. Read More…

Summer Recap


So since summer is officially over I got to see every film on my Summer Preview list except for Lawless, The Watchand The Amazing Spider-ManI think that’s pretty good considering those were at the bottom of my list and my summer involved a lot of life changes for me.

After careful thought, my list of most anticipated films matched up well with how I would rank them, with some minor changes.  Brave impressed me more than I was expecting. The Bourne Legacy disappointed more than the first trailer led me to believe. TDKR was very impressive but nothing I saw this summer was as good as Prometheus and Moonrise Kingdom. Read More…


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