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Nerd Lunch Podcast: Real Life Scenarios


In this new Nerd Lunch podcast, I sat in as a guest once again as we picked random characters from pop culture and tried to cast the real life counterpart. Which President do you think would fly a fighter jet toward an alien spacecraft to save humanity? Which real life mascot would you want to turn into a giant monster and terrorize the streets of New York?  These are just a couple of the questions we all know you’ve asked yourself a million times.

Click HERE to listen.

Nerd Lunch Podcast: Fast Food on the Cheap

Ok, so I know this has nothing to do with movies or media, but if you’re looking for 4 grown men talking about fast food values, then you’ve come to the right blogpost. Nerd Lunch invited me to fill in for their increasingly empty third chair this week and I couldn’t turn down this topic.

We talk about the evolution of dollar menus, value meals, bargains, coupons, and the future of fast food that won’t break your bank. Listen to it on Nerd Lunch‘s site or play below.


Nerd Lunch Podcast: The Pop Culture Eraser


This time while being a guest on the Nerd Lunch podcast, we discussed things we wish we could erase from pop culture.  Read More…

Nerd Lunch Podcast: Saved By The Bell


I had the chance to be the 4th chair in the newest Nerd Lunch podcast, “Drilldown –Saved By The Bell.” Read More…


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