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Fall/Winter Preview


Since it’s already a month into the Fall, and Oscar Season is coming up I decided to write down my top ten movies to see before the end of the year. 2012 is looking to have a strong showing to cap the year with some incredible films on deck. Peter Jackson, Kathryn Bigelow, Quentin Tarantino, Michael Haneke, Gus Van Sant, David O. Russell, Tom Hooper, Steven Spielberg, Sam Mendes, Joe Wright all have films coming out. Doesn’t get much better than that. Read More…

360 Trailer


360 is the newest film for director Fernando Meirelles, director of some of my favorites, the exhilarating City of God, the heartbreaking The Constant Gardener, and the vastly underrated BlindnessRead More…

How to not let a movie get over-hyped


We’ve all had this problem.  We’ve all walked away from a movie thinking, “Well that wasn’t as good as I was expecting” or “That was so over-hyped.” I’ve had my fair share of experiences like this such as Hugo, The Matrix sequels, or Slumdog Millionaire. Here are some tips that I usually follow when I desire to have an untainted, personal viewing experience of a movie. Read More…

When a film rises above losing the Best Picture Oscar: Citizen Kane


(My philosophy is that there are times when the Academy slips up and will not nominate a film that goes on to be a classic masterpiece, but for the most part, the Academy does a great job at nominating great films year after year.  I will be simply looking at the winner and the other nominees to see if the winning film has a better legacy than the others.  I’m not saying the Academy is wrong (because they can vote for whoever and who am I to say they can’t?) and I’m not comparing the nominees to see which is a “better” film.  I’m merely studying how each nominee’s legacy has developed over the years and which film has had the greatest impact.) Read More…


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