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Give ‘Oblivion’ a chance

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(2013 – Director: John Kosinski Cast: Tom Cruise, Olga Kurylenko, Andrea Riseborough)

It’s too bad that Oblivion, a competent and stylish sci-fi film with plenty of thrills, wound up being slightly spoiled by its muddled plot.

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Star Trek: The Motion Picture



(1979 – Director: Robert Wise   Cast: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy)

Star Trek has been severely absent from my life.  Up until last night I hadn’t seen ANY of the original Star Trek movies.  My knowledge of Star Trek has come by osmosis through pop culture and 2009’s Star Trek. Read More…

Sony’s CineAlta Camera

When it comes to cinematography I love watching films and figuring out lighting schemes, positions, and techniques.  For the most part I can enjoy any style of cinematography if it matches the need for the films and doesn’t draw too much attention to itself.  Very rarely does a film’s cinematography stand out to me as down right horrible. Read More…

Non-Disney Critically Acclaimed G/PG Rated Movies

I just recently became a father and I’ve been thinking about when he gets older what sort of movies I want him to see and the usually Disney and Pixar favorites are on the top of the list, but I’ve been trying to think of some of my favorite films that are critically acclaimed, either rated G or PG, and are not made/financed by Disney.

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