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Ten must-see cult films of the past decade


The “cult film” status is an ambiguous claim. There’s several ways to look at it. Cult films could simply be movies that didn’t anticipate having a huge fan base.  They could be movies that failed at the box office but went on to have an unbelievable DVD shelf life. Cult films could be panned by critics but loved by fans. They could do all of the above. One thing that all  films need to reach that “cult film” status is time. Since we live in the digital age of instant gratification, I think cult status can be reached sooner. Maybe 20 years from now people will still be talking about these movies. Maybe not. This list isn’t made up of the most underground cult films of the past decade, but cult films are dependent on next generation taking them on. You can see that in recent (but not recent enough to make this list) cult films such as The Boondock Saints, The Big Lebowski, and Donnie Darko. Read More…

Spirituality in Movies


I think most of us would agree that good stories, whether that be a novel, a comic book, a movie, or a tv show, all have some sort of reflection period in them that make us question something about ourselves, or in a greater sense, humanity. These are the stories that stick with us. I’ll never forget the aging love story in Amour. I’ll never forget how The Fountain gave me insight on how one might struggle coping with the death of a loved one. I’ll never forget how The Descendants made me want to leave a positive legacy for my children someday. The themes and messages a film leaves as its legacy have always interested me much more than say technical achievements, or quality of acting.

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Top Ten Movies of 2006


Read more as I take a look back at what my top ten movies were from 2006.

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